Things I’ve learned about web design

Creating the elements of editorial web design

I’ve worked over several years with social work website Community Care and its sister site Community Care Inform. One of the great challenges of any editorial design is how to convey complex information in a way that is easily accessible to readers. This is particularly true in my work with Community Care. Social work is… Read More »

Creating an interactive graphic using HTML and JavaScript

Baby head

It’s nice to have a couple of side projects on the go when you’re a web designer or developer. They allow you to try out new techniques and technologies and showcase your talents. As if looking after my own babies wasn’t enough, I created this baby simulator so other people could enjoy the experience of… Read More »

An interactive graphic can be a great learning tool

Interactive graphics can be a great way of communicating complex information in an accessible way. I created this graphic about sexual exploitation for both NWG and Community Care Inform. It has been designed for social workers and other professionals working with young people, to help them recognise the signs of sexual exploitation. Users select a… Read More »

When not to use WordPress for a site build

Wordpress cakes

For my latest web design project I decided not to use WordPress but to opt to build it from scratch. Timescales were tight, so I used Bootstrap to give me a flying start and I’m pleased with the results and the process. There are certain circumstances which I believe suit this approach: When functionality is… Read More »

Where is all the great editorial web design?

newspaper on table

I come from an editorial background and it was from there that I moved into design and development. Much of my design expertise has been drawn from my experience of working on and with editorial sites. So, it is a source of some disappointment to me that editorial sites seem to pay so little attention… Read More »

Enqueuing a script in a WordPress child theme

code on screen

If you want to load a JavaScript file and you are using a child theme, you will need to use slightly different code in your functions.php file. get_stylesheet_directory_uri() will load a file from your child theme folder. Whereas get_template_directory_uri() will load a file from your parent theme directory, or from the theme directory if you… Read More »

Latest site build: the Yoga Project

the Yoga Project home page

Just finished the design and build of the Yoga Project site. I used the Genesis framework on WordPress, which I liked in some ways. It allows you to get started fairly quickly but some customisation options can be trickier than they should be. I’ll come back to this in a future post no doubt. I… Read More »

How to create a coloured panel which displays over an image on hover

coloured squares

I often admire an effect many designers use on their portfolio page – you hover over a thumbnail of one of their projects and a coloured panel fades in to cover the thumbnail and displays relevant information. I’ve done it on the home page of this site and it just requires a bit of CSS.… Read More »

5 ways to improve your editorial copy

Pencils in a pot

Just over 15 years of experience in journalism has taught me a few useful things about how to write good copy. Here are five top tips: 1. Work out what points you want to get across and let that inform your copy. Don’t try to make too many points in a single article or page… Read More »

Creating a simple animation using jQuery

code on a screen

So, it’s hardly Walt Disney but I created some simple animation on page load for Jennie Long Legs. It was pretty straightforward – just a matter of creating the illustrations using software such as Illustrator, uploading them to your page and then using CSS to specify their initial position on the page. Eg: .picture img… Read More »