Latest WordPress custom theme build: Insurtech Gateway

One of my recent WordPress builds was this custom theme for insurance technology company Insurtech Gateway. It’s an interesting and unique design and the artwork is particularly striking.

It was built using the barebones Understrap theme, which combines the WordPress starter theme Underscores with the power of Bootstrap 4.

I built a couple of interesting bits of customisation, using JavaScript. The first converts a calendar datepicker into a dropdown list. It customises the Appointment Booking Calendar plugin. The second opens a closed tab on another page, and takes the user to that tab, when a link is clicked. Amazingly, I couldn’t find a single WordPress plugin that provided the appointment booking functionality the client needed with a dropdown list format.

If you need a website that looks a bit different from all the identikit sites around at the moment, do get in touch, and you want it built in WordPress or as a static site, do get in touch.

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