Latest WordPress development project: German medical product site

One of the benefits of a being a freelance WordPress developer is the range of interesting projects I get to work on. So, although I’m Brighton based, which I love, I get to work for organisations from across the UK and beyond.

One of my recent projects was the build of German medical product site I built a custom WordPress theme, based on the stripped down Underscores theme and incorporating the powerful Bootstrap library of styling and user experience components.

This allowed me to develop a site that adhered to the innovative designs produced by Scott at Spitfire Creative while ensuring the site was mobile-friendly, user-friendly and responsive. That’s how I generally work – I produce custom sites, based on the unique requirements and vision of each customer, while maintaining the highest web standards and useability. That can really make a big difference to the performance of a site, in terms of lead generation, customer buy-in and user experience.

One of the elements I’m most pleased with on is the slider, which fits seamlessly into the structure of the rest of the home page. Also, the sample request form, which contains conditional logic, adapting to the answers providers by the user. And it integrates with an external marketing database.

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