WordPress web design fundamentals: tips for Brighton organisations

Effective and attractive web design will help your organisation communicate its key messages and stand out from the crowd. WordPress offers a wide range of ready-made themes for Brighton businesses wishing to build their own site.

If you’re on a tight budget or just starting out, these ready made WordPress themes will get you up and running. But if your website is the cornerstone of your business – and that applies to most of us now – you really need to think a bit harder about what you want your web design to do for you.

I specialise in designing custom websites, based on the requirements and aspirations of my clients, using WordPress and other platforms as needed.

Here are some of things I think about when designing a site:

Clear messaging

This is the starting point for any web design. A website must clearly communicate what an organisation does, what the site does and what users can do. Is it easy for users to find what they need. Do they even know what they are supposed to be looking for? And if they have found it do they know what to do next? If a web design can’t answer these questions it’s time to start over.

Look and feel

This is sometimes harder to judge than the previous point. Good web design uses colour, typography, content and imagery to convey an emotional message that will resonate with users and align with the aims and ethos of the client.

Form follows function

A design should relate to its intended purpose. This is sometimes forgotten in web design, when features or design elements are introduced because they are fashionable or used by a competitor. A fine example is the award-winning UK government website.

Familiar but unique

A website should be easy to use. For most sites that means things like its navigation and structure ought to feel at least partly familiar to users. But a great website design will build a unique experience around that familiar structure. Users must be able to differentiate your site from the competition and have reason to return.

Quality content

The content should not be an afterthought but should be built into the design from the earliest possible point. Great design starts with content and addresses the problem of how best to convey it to the end user.

Great imagery

Everyone wants great images on their site. While striking imagery can really lift a site, drab or cliched imagery can really bring it down. Custom photography, graphics or illustration can really help your site stand out. The imagery on the Insurtech Gateway site I recently worked on transformed the design.

White space

Organisations are often understandably keen to use their website to communicate as much information as they can. But this can be counterproductive. Too much information and too many messages can overwhelm the reader. White space is there to provide balance to your site and allow the most important messages and calls to action to stand out.

Web design in Brighton and surrounding area: I can help

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