Web design and WordPress in Brighton

Web design is the art and science of creating websites that meet the individual requirements and vision of clients. I build sites using WordPress and other platforms, that provide a smooth, easily understandable and delightful experience for users.

Only a web designer can really do all these things. Sites generated from fixed templates might be a budget option but by definition they will never meet the unique needs of the client. Of course, if your budget is very limited you’ll need to use one to get your business off the ground. But it’s worth remembering that for most businesses a website is the front and centre of their whole commercial offering. Your website’s design is worth investing in because, in many cases, it IS your businesss.

This applies to WordPress sites as much as any other. WordPress comes with many off-the-shelf visual designs, courtesy of the theme library. But to really get the most out its enormous functional power and visual potential of WordPress, you need a web designer. And if you’re based in Brighton or the surrounding area, you need a Brighton-based WordPress web designer! You’ll get much more out of the business relationship if you meet face-to-face.

How a web designer works

A web designer will typically go through these stages with you:

  • Hold a kick-off meeting to discuss your requirements, ideas, timescale and budget. We’ll also discuss other sites you like, your brand and your potential customers/audience.
  • Draw up and agree a project strategy, which will include timescales, outputs and requirements.
  • Produce a site map, which will describe the structure of the site and how users will travel through it.
  • Draw up wireframes, simple site sketches which illustrate the structure, functionality, calls to action and navigation on each page.
  • Design more detailed site mock-ups – a visual representation of how the site will look. These could be static image files or a working HTML prototype for you to play around with and test
  • At this point a web designer may hand his designs over to a web developer. However, people who do both design and development, or ‘creative developers‘, will also do the build. I would generally do both.
  • Once the design and build is done, a web designer can organise your hosting and domain name and look after your site on an ongoing basis. You can concentrate on running your business.

What a web designer needs from you

You’ll need to provide a few things to help get your website up and running:

  • The words. Generally a web designer will not provide the copy for your site. You can provide it yourself but it’s often a good idea to bring in a content expert to make sure you really are selling yourself and your products properly. I have excellent business contacts who can help with your content.
  • The images, sometimes. A web designer can provide images and I often do. These will probably be sourced from an image library. They will be beautifully shot and may be perfect for your project. However, if you want images that are trully unique we’ll need to get photos taken or commission illustrations. I know some great professional photographers and illustrators and can organise this for you, if you need.
  • Your time. You’ll need to commit some time to going through wireframes and test sites and providing feedback to keep that tight schedule on track.

Web design I’ve worked on

Here are some of the sites I’ve designed:

Get in touch

If you’re interested in getting your existing site updated or redesigned or having a whole new site built, then do get in touch. I work with businesses, charities and other organisations in Brighton, Sussex, the rest of the UK and beyond. I work with WordPress and other content management systems. You can call me on 07810 828359 or drop me an email.